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Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker


First off, let me start by saying that this farm girl is a total coffee snob. I stick to freshly roasted local beans , usually a Sumatra, or Ethiopian. Coffee making each morning is like a religious ritual around here. Coffee must be ground just so, measured perfectly and served at just the right temperature,

I have seen this trendy Keurig coffee maker at various dentist, and Dr’s offices over the years, and although I thought it might be fun to have one, I always turned my nose up at those silly little cups you had to insert for the ‘perfect’ cup o joe.

While shopping at our local outlet center last week, my husband and I ran into the kitchen store to find a food mill and some various other much needed kitchen items.  We stumbled upon this coffee maker, and my curiosity was once again piqued.

I pulled out my trusty droid, opened the bar code scanner app, and brought up product reviews. Hmmm, most consumer sites gave this little machine some pretty high ratings, 5 star average, some 4. I was still skeptical.

I looked through the selection of ‘K cups’ the little individual coffee cups you insert in the machine, and found names such as ‘Paul Newmans blend’, Caribou, Green Mountain Organic and donut shop blend. Ok, I was beginning to feel very impressed. There we also ‘tea cups’ including green tea, and chai latte.

With some barely audible grumblings from the old man, we decided on the ‘Special addition ‘ model for a little over a hundred bucks.

We brought it home along with a mixed pack of coffee, hot chocolate, and chai latte. We sampled a few at home and were all quite impressed by the flavor of each blend. You simply fill the water chamber on the machine, turn it on, insert the little ‘k cup’ and voila, fresh brewed coffee in less than a minute..

My personal favorite, believe it or not was the ‘donut house blend’ tastes very much like Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, which I happen to love. Found a pack of 60 K cups on Amazon for $21.

All and all I would recommend this handy little coffee maker! There are a variety of K cups available as well as a small removable basket to which you can add any coffee of your liking, including my precious local roasted Sumatra and Ethiopian.

I would give this baby 5 stars for ease of use, convenience, as well as the variety of quality coffees available.