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Some fun Fall Finds for your farm girl fashionista


Ok, just to let you all know up front, my nails are usually filthy dirts from working in the garden, clothes (usually Carharts) stained and caked with….um…well stuff you’d likely find on a farm, but I am a farm girl fashionista wanna be. I love flipping through the pages of Marie Claire magazine and am a self proclaimed cosmetic junkie.

Anyway, IF I polish my nails at all it’s usually a nude shade or an occasional french manicure. However, i came across these shades from Essie’s fall line and purchased the trio…yup feeling wild here lol.

These colors are so fun and different. The color on the left that looks like a lavender is actually a purplish gray. LOVE it !

The colors from left to right are ‘Merino Cool’ my fave 🙂  ‘Sew Psyched’ and ‘Velvet Voyeur’

Here’s what the Merino Cool looks like on..

Ok, and lastly, I admit it now, I am a perfume junkie. I love trying out new scents. I came across this one at Anthropologie in Charlotte and fell in LOVE!

It’s called ‘Sparrow’ by TokyoMilk. When I first sprayed it on it was a bit strong and heavy on the gardenia, and I didn’t care for it much BUT as the gardenia faded the lovely rosewood and citrusy scents surfaced. It is such a UNIQUE scent. People are always asking me what I am wearing. Perfect for fall in my opinion..PLUS the bottles are adorable, with the sweetest little vintage sparrow  on the inside label. I can’t wait to try all the scents from TokyoMilk…a new addiction 🙂

Could not resist including a picture of the sparrow 🙂

Happy fall everyone 🙂