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Lets make some fresh mozzarella!


In about 30 minutes you can make some fresh mozzarella cheese! Pretty simple and loads of fun.

Here on the farm we get about a gallon of fresh milk a day. There is nothing quite like fresh mozzarella sliced over ripe red garden tomato and fresh basil, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar, a little salt and freshly ground pepper and voila! A delicious salada Caprese.

First you need a gallon of milk. Store bought works fine, but fresh, raw milk is the best!

Add Citric acid to milk, and stir, slowly heat to 88-90.

To the warmed milk, add liquid rennet. (1/4 tsp added to 1/4 cup cool water. Gently stir for 30 seconds, then turn heat to low.

Within 3-5 minutes, curd will form, looks similar to silken tofu.

Cut curds with a long knife into 1 inch squares. Transfer curd to a colander with a slotted spoon. Drain as much of the whey as you can. Transer curds to microwave safe bowl

Microwave curds on high for 1 minute. Drain whey, reheat for 30 seconds until curds are almost too hot to handle. 135 degrees.

Notice I am wearing gloves here, because the curds are simply too hot to handle. Like my cool orange star gloves??? Gotta make things fun ya know 😉

Knead the curd, and reheat until the curds start streching.

Oooops, sideways picture, but in too  much of a hurry to fix it. You get the idea.

Keep stretching the mozzarella…..

Break off pieces and roll into balls.  Drop in to cold salty water.

Honestly , not sure how long this cheese keeps, as it has never lasted around here for more than a week.!

You can save the whey from this cheese and make ricotta! Just boil the whey to 185, add a splash of vinegar and you will see curds for, drain in cheesecloth and there’s your ricotta! Why not make some fresh pasta and put together a beautiful veggie lasagne with your fresh cheese??

Or, a beautiful…fresh Salada Caprese?