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New beginnings


Made the decision that in spite of my circumstances I am going to get the farm up and running again. Starting my spring list today!
Going to clean up, expand and plow my garden within the next few weeks, increasing it to an acre. Making a list of vegetables and fruits I have had success with over the past few years and that I can easily preserve.

I sold my jersey cows, and may once again go with dairy goats. Chicks will be ordered in spring, ducks (their eggs are amazing) and possibly sheep.

I also plan on planting some nut trees this year.

So once again this farm girl is back in action! Stay tuned!



I had always wanted my own horse, a paint. From the time I was a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles I planned on converting our small yard into a mini farm. My dad was NOT crazy about this idea when I started digging the lawn up for my makeshift corral.

Last summer I found her! Angel was her name, a beautiful dark brown and white paint Mare about 45 minutes from here.

I am not totally comfortable and confident around horses, well ok, not confient at all but I was determined to overcome my insecurity.

I rode her quite a few times after bringing her home, PERFECT, wow even a beginner such as myself could ride and she was eager and willing to work with ME.

Well, I started to lose confidence once my dear friend moved away and I was left to learn on my own.

My daughter lost interest as well so we reluctantly decided to find a new home for her.

Found the perfect home, but she would not load on the trailer. Seemed terrified.

SO here I am facing another challenge and conquering  my fears. I must build a higher level of trust with Angel and get her to load. It would certainly be for her own good.

I actually lectured her tonight about how she blew her opportunity of going to an amazing home because of her stubborness and fear of the unknown.

Immediately, I identified with her. How often I have allowed the fear of the unknown to take over and keep me back from Gods best for me.

So, here we go. My newest challenge with a very large animal that frightens the heck out of me!

Can this be God trying to teach me something?

We shall see….