I follow the lines along the sidewalk. A seemingly eager escort to that place of safety, my destination laid out before me.

Sojourner , I walk not knowing where I may end up.

Part of me is filled with excitement and anticipation and another part of me, the frightened child  wants to huddle back into the alley way into darkness, hidden and alone.

The daylight shines down on me exposing those things the darkness hides so very well. 

Nothing is hidden and i am paraded down the street, my flaws exposed for all to see.

They laugh, mock me, ridicule until i am beaten down and defeated.

The darkness beckons me with it’s familiarity, offering safe haven from the taunting jeers.

But then, I stand.I breathe in, my chest expanding with air, with life.

I lift my head, throw back my shoulders and parade right along into the brightness of a gloriously beautiful day.

Each step, I am closer to my destination. I can feel it, taste it, smell it.

All my senses are engaged, a beautiful picture before me.

I’m strong, I am alive, the illusion of death and despair behind me, a pile of filthy rags 

I walk in radiant white, clean and new.

Dancing and twirling, I am home

About Amalia

My name is Amalia, I am a survivor, but I am not simply surviving here. I fully intend on living life to its fullest everyday of my life. My past does not define me, it is simply a part of me and a contribution to who I am becoming. Fully awake, fully alive. Love is my religion. I enjoy meeting new people from all different walks of life. I love engaging in deep, meaningful conversation with others. I believe we each have something to add to anothers life. I love Jesus. And the way he interacted with people, especially the outcasts. I sometimes feel as if I am a very old soul born hundreds of years too late. But am realizing I am right where I am supposed to be, there are no accidents. I cherish those who love and accept me for who I am, intensity and all. Who love me for me, not who they'd like me to be. When I love, I love deeply, when I hurt I hurt deeply, I can feel others pain, an empath, but I would not change a thing. My 'story' has molded me into the person I am today and I like me! I am deeply moved by early morning sunrises and evening sunsets, by flowers, bugs, the changing seasons,barefoot walks in the woods, the wind in my hair and the sunshine on my face. I love capturing these moments with my camera, as well as trying to share the emotions attached on canvas. Music is my drug of choice. It soothes me when i'm feeling down or overwhelmed. I am drawn to other creatives and out of the box thinkers, the misfits, outcasts. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Laughter is amazing medicine. I have ADHD and it shows, I am currently....LOOK A SQUIRREL! I have a very strong sense of justice and nothing angers me more than seeing others taken advantage of or harmed, especially in the name of religion or by those in authority who use their authority to harm or control others. I am childlike, yet intense and will fight for those I love until the bitter end. But i've also learned that I cannot save anyone else and have learned when to let go. Because that too is love.

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