Emotions….ahhh, how many times have we been told we are overly emotional, that we can’t be lead by these emotions, we must ‘do’ this or ‘do’ that. Cover those emotions damnit! Be more like Jesus!

Anger, grief, sadness…all emotions we have been taught as believers are wrong. We’ve been led into a sick cycle of denying these emotions, and putting on our happy, I have it together masks. The thing is, these emotions can lead us to a place of complete and utter brokeness if we allow them to.  

Where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can not do this alone, a dependance on the only one who can rescue us. True friends recognize this process and are willing to walk with us through it, trusting the Father with us. It’s ok to grieve, kick, scream, shout, cry out in frustration. I promise, He will not abandon you! And when the freedom comes, you come to a place of ‘counting it all joy’ because you realize just how necessary the process was. I want to be that friend…The one who like the small fellowship of Bethany is not afraid to remove the smelly grave clothes, and walk through the stench…knowing that on the other side is LIFE!



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